The ride from Cameron Highlands to Georgetown wasn't bad, now travelling in a normal bus (our previous Super VIP one was sadly not available). Without Super VIP air con, the increase in temperature from the cool Highlands to the hot and stuffy Georgetown was a gradual one, which was probably a good thing. It's amazing how quickly you forget how hot it is at sea level!

Georgetown is the capital of the island Penang and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It's a quiet town with quite a few colonial style houses, and we spent the (remainder) of our day here leisurely walking around.

Georgetown and it's colonial-style houses

After dinner, we stumbled upon a `rice food festival' in their Little India and Chinatown. We were served some delicious fried noodles and some sweet sticky rice desserts in a Chinese temple, and watched some Bollywood -style dancing walking through Little India on our way back home.

Sampling local food in a Chinese temple

Tomorrow we begin our trip to Thailand; first a train from Georgetown (Butterworth) to Hat Yai, a (quite normal, non-touristy) Thai city in which we need to spend the night, and the next day a bus from Hat Yai to Krabi.


  1. wicked king poo12 July 2011 at 01:43

    why isn't Georgetown updated already?
    this is ridiculous. how long does one have to wait?! (tee hee).
    i'm writing this whilst on the loo - thought you might like to know.

  2. Yesss, why is it taking soooo loooong???

  3. Fint at dere er på bloggen igjen! Morsomt å lese. God tur videre til Thailand! Kjersti