Koh Tao


We ended up at Freedom Beach in Koh Tao. Late morning, late breakfast, reading books at the beach and cooling off with a happy hour Mojito – all followed by a slow dinner. Not bad, and pretty much the only thing we did today.

View from our bungalow at Freedom Beach


We both went scuba diving today, having an early rise to be at the dive sites before the tide reduces visibility. Diving here is like being inside a never-ending aquarium, fish dodging your approaching hands by merely a centimetre. Two dives for me and one for Giulie (the first impression is always the best, besides, she was eager to get back to her books) left us pleasantly tired for the remainder of the day.

Three guys diving: a German (guide), a Swiss and a Norwegian

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  1. Nice view from the bungalow! I would like to stay at that beach:):) Mamma