Kuala Lumpur


Arrived at a very nice hostel in Kuala Lumpur, a flashpacker's hostel apparently. Hot and dusty, KL took a different path than Singapore in creating a busy Asian capital city. We spent the day taking two of Lonely Planets recommended tours, but found ourselves trapped in a (probably newly built) spaghetti of motorways. There are many nice things to see, but our recent memories of Singapore inevitably led to unfavourable comparisons. Next time, we'll go to KL first, Singapore second. Off to Cameron Highlands tomorrow morning on our Super VIP bus.

 Giulie posing in her new outfit.
The two familiars and the backdrop of KL


  1. nice outfit juju....
    I am told cameron is beau-ti-ful

  2. Oh, il mio primo posting di ieri non ha funzionato.
    Volevo ringraziarvi tantissimutantu per le vostre regular news! Taa very much - mamusatao

  3. silly kuku banana head8 July 2011 at 02:15

    right. well. this is all nice and quaint isn't it? shame i had to interrogate mum to actually find this blog. or did you want your followers to only be a select responsible few (ha! tough monkey poo). Although having done so i'm regretting it somewhat as the holiday envy is mega (squared). only kidding - it kind of all looks a bit dirty (he he)- bet jools has packed light without the deo. lots of love. have fun you jammy donuts!!! and congrats on your Phd submission J. x jo