Cycling around Luang Prabang

We started the morning with a hearty breakfast which was to become our staple breakfast for our 5 days in luang prabang – a delicious fruit salad with home made yoghurt and granola served in a little art gallery/café on the banks of the Mekong river.

Superbowl breakfast at the Arthouse Cafe

We then rented bicycles and set off to explore the dozen of wats scattered around luang prabang. It was a nice gentle bike ride along quiet streets walked by orange clothed Buddhist monks. After a few hours of cycling we had covered most of luang prabang and so we pointed our bikes east and cycled across the Mekong to spend an hour or so cycling through the muddy villages on the other side of the river.

Wat sightseeing

Three Gingers

We returned the bikes a few hours before sunset and then headed out to a little restaurant across the river reached by a little boat that ferried people back and forth. We found a restaurant nestled amongst a forest of bamboo on small private wooden decks with low tables and massive pillows to lie on. And we had gotten there just in time for gin and tonic happy hour and an excellent game of scrabble!

Playing Scrabble, now with daiquiris

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