We woke up at a very friendly 3 am and jumped into a taxi for the airport, where we caught our early morning flight to Hanoi.

Hanoi is a chaotic city where the only mode of transport appears to be the scooter. Traffic lights and laws don’t exist. They do not drive on the right rather, they drive on whatever side of the road is more convenient given their starting point or destination. As a result, crossing the road is a wild adventure and involves checking both ways 5 or 6 times as one crosses. Hanoi also has very little to offer in terms of sights and so we slowly made our way to the train station and booked ourselves on the train south the next day.

Hanoi did however offer good food. We had some very good pho (noodles with beef in hot beef soup with a lot of fresh herbs sprinkled on top) and some excellent patisseries and fresh coffee. The last two were left behind by the French and I must admit tasted delicious after a month of spiced foods. I am dreaming of pasta nearly every night! 

 Giulie enjoying her Pho Bo

Having Bia Hoi, a very refreshing beer brewed and sold locally. (12 pence / 1 kr per mug)

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  1. perché stai mangiando e bevendo in tutte le foto?