Koh Phi Phi Don


To see one of the world’s most famous islands, we decided to take a day trip (from Railay Beach) to the largest of the Phi Phi islands, Koh Phi Phi Don. From a distance the views were stunning! 

On actually being on the beach, however, you'll notice that there's quite a lot of litter. The main beach (the one to the right on the photo) is unfortunately full of all sorts of leftovers, from toothbrushes and lighters to empty beer cans and plastic bags. So many hotels, so much money, and not a penny spent on cleaning up after their sloppy guests. Ironically, this is the only island where we had to pay an additional `environmental clean-up fee’ on arrival – all other beaches we’ve seen have been pristine! beautiful from a distance!

We were therefore very happy that we stayed at Railay Beach (as opposed to moving across to Koh Phi Phi) and enjoyed our last sunset there before we headed over to the east coast.

Tomorrow, we’re leaving our beloved Railay Beach to check out the east coast of Thailand.

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  1. The sunset picture is now my computer background! Very beautiful - and now I can see you all day :) Mamma